1958 Gang Killings

January 29, 1958 – Louis Cuomo, 21, just out of the Navy dies at the hands of a gang in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn.  The Ditmas Dukes and Gremlins had been feuding enough that the authorities had to step in.  But it didn’t help as Cuomo died at the hands of Robert Fasano and Salvatore Monaco.

April 28, 1958 – Ramon Serra, blows Michael Ramos’ face off in the Bronx, a fight between the Egyptian Crowns and the Sinners.  At the time, Michael Ramos (no relation to Julio) had finished testifying in the Michael Farmer trial, so his death was sensational at the time.

May 30, 1958 – In a shockingly brutal murder from East Harlem that had a resemblance to Michael Farmer’s death the previous year, seven Red Wings beat to death Julio Ramos with a wine jug, slats from a park bench and a garbage can receptacle.  Julio dies the next day and the Red Wings are eventually convicted of murder.  The seven boys responsible for Ramos’ death are George Clemente, Norbert Belbo, Frank Monti, Alfred Catino, Louis Camp, Philip Petrone and Edward Castellazzo.

November 19, 1958 – Sidney Rhodes, 16 is stabbed multiple times in the stomach and John Ingram is stabbed in the stomach as well.  Ingram dies on the street.  The fight is between two gangs from Brownsville called the Corsair Lords and the Jonquils.