1961 Gang Killings

April 9, 1961 – Edward Moore – who already served time for a 1955 gang killing – stabbed Albert Martin in the groin on April 9, 1961 in front of 269 Nostrand Avenue.  Moore was a member of the notorious Bishops.

April 22, 1961 – Nearly two weeks after Martin’s death, Raul Rosario shot and killed Pablo Oyola on Beaver and Flushing Avenues in a fight between the Black Diamonds and El Quinto gangs.

June 30, 1961 – Lawrence Williams, Dennis Drummonds, Milton Burke and Thomas Randall – all part of a gang called the Buccaneers – killed Leroy Griffin, a member of an enemy gang called the Stompers.

August 16, 1961 – Luis Aviles, Jesus Donis, Jose Ramos, Jose Silva, George Monserrate and Franklin Monel, all members of a gang from the Farragut Projects called the Suicide Mau Maus, stab and killed a member of the nearby Fort Greene Chaplains’ gang.

October 11, 1961 – Louis Ressey, a member of a Williamsburg gang called the El Quintos, beat Solomon Valle to death with a stick.  Valle was a member of the Black Diamonds gang.