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Finally, after over 15 years of research, my book on the Mau Maus and Sand Street Angels youth gangs from Brooklyn in the 1950s is complete.  Brooklyn Rumble: Mau Maus, Sands Street Angels and the End of an Era is ready for purchase.

Brooklyn Rumble Book

Brooklyn Rumble Book

This book uses primary sources including newspaper articles, contemporary reports, court records, crime scene photos and probation records.  It also includes information gleaned from hours and hours of personal interviews with former gang members of the Mau Maus and Sand Street Angels as well as those that lived in Fort Greene and the Navy Yard neighborhoods during the 1950s.

Brooklyn Rumble is approximately 6″ wide x 9″ long (or 15 cm wide x 22.5 cm long) and has 370 pages.  There are 10 chapters, an epilogue and two appendixes.

This has been a labor of love for many years and there has been so much that I learned along the way.  The process of writing a book is eye-opening and it has taken me to my limit.  However, I enjoyed the process as much as the finished product (except for the very finicky layout conundrums I experienced in Microsoft Word when I lost my temper).  For those who have been on this journey with me and who will be ordering a copy, I certainly hope you find the book and topic as interesting as I did.

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While supplies last, each book will include a bookmark (click on image for an enlarged picture):

Brooklyn Rumble bookmark front and back

Brooklyn Rumble bookmark front and back

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Thank-you everyone for your support and interest over the years.  If you have any questions about the book, please do not hesitate to send me a message on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/david.vanpelt.773 is my profile) or by email at [email protected]