1955 Gang Killings

February 16, 1955 – Encchanters from Harlem shoot and kill James Mason and wound two others.

April 28, 1955 – Navajos and Golden Guineas in the Bronx fight over gang jackets, Billy Blankenship is shot in the heart with a pistol and dies almost instantly.

June 18, 1955 – Chaplains murder Fred Warren, a member of a rival gang in Bedford-Stuyvesant called the Tiny Tims.

June 23, 1955 – Viceroys and Dragons from East Harlem.  Dragons kill Viceroy, Luis Feliciano in a grocery store while he worked.

June 26, 1955 – Harlem Noble Englishman involved.  Arthur Henley is shot outside an apartment building after a party.

October 3, 1955 – Demons and Viceroys in East Harlem get in fight and Pablo Pizarrow is shot and killed.

October 20, 1955 – Junior Bishops kill Boy Scout by the name of Warren Beck on Halsey Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.

November 28, 1955 – Sportsmen from the Lower East Side knife and kill William Patterson in the Bronx at a dance.