1960 Gang Killings

June 20, 1960 – Michael Pereira, a member of a Williamsburg gang called the Young Lords, which was part of the notorious Phantom Lords a well-known gang also from Williamsburg, stabbed Nelson Rosado in the chest, killing him.  Rosado was a member of the Young Burners, the Little People part of the Hellburners.

September 23, 1960 – Richie Childs aka “Jewboy,” a member of the Buccaneers, was beat to death with baseball bats in Marcy park by several Marcy Chaplains including William Henderson (“Spotty”), Isiah Whaley (“Ikie”), Mackey Murray, James Best and Milton Saunders.

December 6, 1960 – Andrew “Bo” Whalen, a member of an Italian gang from Williamsburg called the Jackson Jents (outsiders knew them as “Gents”), was stabbed in the back and killed by Vincent Ashley.