1954 Gang Killings

Jun.1, 1954 – Several Members of the Red Wings’ gang from East Harlem drove to Fordham Baldies turf in the Bronx and shoot dead Ernest Montuoro after being insulted in a fracas at Orchard Beach.  Convicted Red Wings were Frank Ciappetta, Vincent Gugliemelli, Philip Bonanno, Jerry Santaniello and Frank Giampetruzzi.

Jul.10, 1954 – Ronald Loesch and Thomas Wysokowski, members of a Park Slope gang called the Jokers stomp 40-year-old family man Thomas Condon to death on the street for whistling as he walked home from work.

August 1954 – Three members of an East Harlem gang called the Cherokees – Robert Cartijo, Felix Aponte and Estanislao Cruz – killed 16-year-old William Colon of the rival Dragons.

Oct.1, 1954 – Raymond “Dewdrop” Holley a member of the El Quintos gang shot and killed a rival gang member with a shotgun.  Dead at age 15 was Jesse Lipscombe.  Holley was sentenced to 30 years for the killing and his accomplices Robert Smith and Robert Williams were also sent to prison.