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Back in 2019 I finished my first ebook which is called The Thief and the Widow.  Here is a brief synopsis of what it’s about:

A teenaged thief, an old woman and a heist.  This true, short story highlights a random Brooklyn robbery in 1949 that serves as a superb example of the myriad melodramas that issue from the belly of the great City of New York.

No doubt New York City experiences hundreds of burglaries every year; this story selects just one from the many that are waiting to be told.  The Thief and the Widow explores the early life of The Thief, details the burglary itself and examines the aftermath.  Also included are telling contemporary-to-the-crime documents.

This short story accentuates the battle between good and evil.  This struggle is not endemic to New York City but is a common feature of humanity wherever people are found.  This story will resonate with readers of all backgrounds.

I couldn’t figure out how to do the formatting for selling an ebook in 2019, so I shelved it for the time being.  I picked this up again in April 2021 and this time was able to figure out what needed to be done to make it into an ebook to sell on Amazon.  Here is what the cover of the book looks like:

The Thief and The Widow - front cover

The Thief and The Widow – front cover

If you are like me, you might be wondering to yourself how you would buy an ebook.  I don’t have a Kindle device like a tablet or Kindle reader which is what most people think you need to read an Amazon ebook.  However, even if you don’t have a device like that you can read it on your phone, laptop or computer by downloading an app that allows you to read it on one of those devices.  Click here to download that app.

The Thief and the Widow is about 50 pages long and is $1.99 USD.

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