Who are they?

The defendants that are known the most for their role in the murder of Michael Farmer are the ones that were tried in adult court which typically receives the lion’s share of media attention.  These defendants were Louis Alvarez, Richard Hills, Leroy Birch, Leoncio DeLeon, John McCarthy, George Melendez and Charles Horton.

What some might not know is that there were actually 18 involved in the beating and stabbing death of Michael Farmer.  In addition to the seven listed above, there were 11 “juveniles,” or boys under the age of 16 that were tried in Children’s Court.  These juvenile defendants are all named in the book written by the Judge of the trial and listed below:

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Because they were tried in Children’s Court which is restricted to the public, there isn’t as much information about these boys as there are about the “main” defendants.  I came across these two unnamed photos of two of the eleven juveniles listed above.  I’m hoping somebody might recognize them and will be able to email me at [email protected] to let me know who they are (click to enlarge):

mugshot of unknown defendant in Michael Farmer murder 1957

mugshot #2 of unknown defendant in Michael Farmer murder 1957

So far I have been able to ascertain with confidence that these pictures are NOT of Patrick O’Kelly, Vincent Pardon, Ervin Cotten, Howard Rowan or Julio Cluson.

Do you know who they are?