Interesting Links

Here are some links to other websites of interest, some of which overlap the topic of New York City teenage fighting gangs from the 1950s

Three great forums for former (or current) New York City citizens to reminisce:

Lantern-Media – Research on Bronx gangs the “Ducky” Boys and the Fordham Baldies

Yahoo Groups — Message board on New York City gangs from all eras, not much new lately but has a lot of old, interesting messages.

Little blurb I wrote for New York Times blog about my research.

Website on the neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, articles mainly written by the website owner Steve, but sometimes guest articles written by others.  Some of the posters and people responding are from this neighborhood in the 1950s.

Interesting website of Tony Camacho who lived in East Harlem during the 1950s, member of the Young Social Lords, check out some of his poetry there, my favorite is The Looking Glass.  Click here: