Video Footage of Salvador “Capeman” Agron

The notoriety of the infamous “Capeman” murders in the hot summer of 1959 cannot be overstated: it was probably the most widely reported gang killing from the 1950s, except for perhaps the death of young Michael Farmer in July 1957.

The press went hay-wire reporting about Salvador Agron, delving into his past, his character, the gang he was in and the innocent boys he killed.  Shortly after he was arrested, the police paraded their captured prey in front of the TV cameras and peppered him with questions.  For more details on this, click here.  A reader sent a message to me the other day, sending me a YouTube link to a documentary called ‘Latino Americans: The New Latinos (Episode 4).”  Starting at the 14:03 mark, the documentary devoted some commentary to the Capeman case and supplemented it with the video footage that I heard about but never seen.  Click on the picture below to go to the video.

sal tv interview