Gang Graffiti

During the 1950s (and any time period for that matter), gangs would use graffiti to mark off their turf as a warning to enemy gangs.  Unfortunately, pictures of gang graffiti are rare and hard to come by.  But here is a nice picture of gang graffiti of a gang from East Harlem called the Dukes.  The Dukes were an Italian gang who got into fights with the Dragons another gang from East Harlem.

1950s Gang Graffiti - Italian Dukes East Harlem

1950s Gang Graffiti – Italian Dukes East Harlem

The Dukes were involved in a gang shooting on June 11, 1956 against their rival Dragons, of which I hope to have more information later.

Many thanks to Enrique Caro who gave permission to use this picture, below you can make out the gang graffiti of “Ellery Bops,” a gang from the Williamsburg area in Brooklyn.  You can also make out the letters LAMF which means “Like a Mother F__).

Ellery Bop Gang Graffiti

Ellery Bop Gang Graffiti