My Trip New York City August 2013

I went to New York City this past August for a research trip.  It was very resourceful and I found a lot of interesting things.  Here are some of the things I did:

– Toured Fort Greene with a former Mau Mau and Fort Greene Chaplain who showed me where they hung out, where the fights took place and talking about the gangs in general

– Toured 167th Street area in Harlem with a former member of the Social Lords whose turf was near the Egyptian Kings and Dragons, two gangs who were responsible for the death of Michael Farmer in 1957

– Toured East Harlem with a former Viceroy who showed me where they hung out and fought.

I also visited an archive facility and found quite a few interesting things there.  In fact, I guess this is as good a spot as any to ask if anyone knows what this is?  I found these discs in a file and I’m not sure if it is a audio disc or a video disc?  It would be from the 1950s or maybe 1960s.

Not sure what this is?

Not sure what this is?